Hi, I'm Narmeen!

Most of my friends know I find such joy in even the simplest of things. I posted stories (like the ones you see here on Facebook) every so often, but it had always been my dream to bring some light into my loved ones' lives on a more regular schedule - for them and for myself, really. It helps my perspective and my overall way of being to always keep an eye out for the good things in the world.

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The Story

Every story has a beginning. One day two years ago, I decided I needed a hobby to ground me, but I had no clue what that hobby could be. I was on the phone with a friend analyzing my life (Do I like cooking enough? Do I like board games enough? Do I like reading enough?) when it suddenly dawned on me: I love to love things! Plain and simple!

And so, Always Something to Love was born.

The Goal

My hope is that together, by focusing on the good in the most seemingly insignificant of moments, we shift our mindsets into those based on love and gratitude. And that overtime, we start to see that, no matter the situation,

there is always something to love.


Like what you see?

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