A Parking Lot Sized Moment

Posted: December 17, 2018 by admin

I went to a coffee shop yesterday to meet a friend and the seemingly dumbest yet most helpful thing became glaringly obvious to me when I was parking my car.

You remember that day when you were first learning to drive? How you were extra cautious when on the road and oh, especially when parking your car in a parking lot? Oh yes, I remember those parking lot days. Early on, did you almost always have to open your car door to make sure you were actually in the lines? Yup – me too. And if you’re like me without cameras on your car (living in the stone age here, I guess!), you sometimes have to, still to this day, open the car door to check whether you’re in the lines! Face palm, am I right?!

Anyway, let’s get back to yesterday. Yesterday, I arrived to this coffee shop, parked my car, looked at the car to my left, and thought, “Oh dang it. Am I in the line? Am I too close to the line? Ugh. I don’t know!” And you know what occurred to me? Something that I can’t believe I’ve never noticed or realized in all my years of driving.

I could see the reflection of my car AND the parking lot line in the car right next to me.

LOOK! Look at the reflection of the car right next to me.

I know.. What the what?!

ALL THIS TIME, I always had a little help from my surroundings but I was much too distracted by whatever I was always distracted by to ever notice that, right there, under my nose, was basically the biggest parking life-hack. How the heck have I been so blind to this tiny, but perfect bit of assistance I’ve been offered ALL these years?!

Oh, I don’t know – probably the same way The Universe offers me a hand through the way of signs,  detours, arrivals, and departures day-in and day-out, but I rarely, if ever, notice. Ah, but the help is there. It always is. We’re never alone.

So today, let’s breathe in some trust.

Trust that we’re being taken care of at even the most mundane of turns in our lives. Yes, we’re being taken care of – in the biggest life changing situations we have ever faced and even in the most parking lot sized of moments too.

So, let’s keep our eyes peeled – maybe The Universe will grant us the honor of seeing some of the magical moments happening for us today while they’re in action.

There’s always something to love.

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