That One Time I Assembled Furniture

Posted: March 21, 2019 by admin

So, I’m assembling my new Ikea TV stand, right? I’m going along, pretty pleased with the instructions in this booklet. I finally nail on the back piece and am pretty impressed with myself. Turn it over, and BAM! I see that I assembled one of the pieces backwards. 🙈 Guys, I could not stop laughing at myself. I couldn’t fix this! The back was already nailed on!

(Disclaimer: I reviewed the instructions and am pretty convinced they gave me the wrong piece, but that might be my ego speaking. Lol.)

Anyway, I couldn’t cry this hard laughing at myself alone so I FaceTimed my friend. We laughed together and then she suggested black tape. I had a light bulb moment because YOU GUYS, I HAVE BLACK ELECTRIC TAPE! I bought it once years and years ago to repair my frayed iPhone charging cables and probably only used 5 inches of it total!

AND GUYS, it was a PERFECT MATCH. Uncanny, really. Can we say synchronicity?!?! If that wasn’t The Universe setting up Future Narmeen for this furniture assembly moment, I don’t know what is.


All in all, let’s use this moment as a reminder that all of our current experiences are occurring to set our future selves up for absolute success, happiness, and joy, even in the midst of what looks like setback after setback. It’s ALL working out for us. The Universe has got us covered. God, He’s got us covered.

Laugh at yourself and you’ll see it too.
That there's always something to love.

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